Have you heard about the Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass by Russell Brunson? Russell Brunson and the team at ClickFunnels are back with another ClickFunnels Irresistible offer” as Russell says.

This fresh “Funnel Builder Secrets” feature was first pitched through Russell Brunson’s 2018 presentation at Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference. It is the presentation that infamously generating $3 million in sales. Not just contracts, but collected cash in the bank in only 90 short minutes!

Sounds crazy right?



As a result of achievement at 10X growth con, ClickFunnels has now taken the 10X offer and packaged it as their main product package moving forward. You can click the link below to watch the 10X presentation replay In case you haven’t watched this presentation, it is a brilliant example of how to present and promote to a large audience.

Watch The 10X Replay Here


Within the presentation, Russell brings the audiences into the world of online marketing and sales funnels, provides a massive value — and demonstrates how his system of building sales funnels is the best way for anyone seeking to 10X their business

This is the biggest takeaways revealed in the 10X Con Presentation:

  • The best way to spy on your competitors and apply what is working.
  • How to ethically steal your competitors’ customers
  • How to create a sales funnel which sells for your business 24/7/365
  • How Russell built Tony Robbin’s best selling book funnel

Russell flies through examples of industries and unique niches, showing how sales funnels are the best option for anyone selling or marketing online today.

He provides examples of supplement product funnels, coaching funnels, car dealership funnels, even a BigFoot hunter’s funnel! And so much more…

If you’re familiar network marketing business or MLM, then Russell utilizes Steve Larsen’s MLM funnel as an example of how to successfully build an MLM company using sales funnels…



What Is Funnel Builder Secrets

Funnel Builder Secrets is a comprehensive ClickFunnels training program and software bundle which included everything you need to be succeeded in online sales funnel marketing.

Throughout the Funnel Builder Secrets training, Russell and Julie Stoian teach the various branches of funnel marketing. And show you how to create, launch a successful sales funnel. I personally have taken the Funnel Builder Secrets myself, And I’m’ pretty sure the value inside the Funnel Builder Secrets will be able to improve your existing knowledge as an online marketer and also as a digital entrepreneur.

What’s really pull my trigger to take the action to invest in the Funnel Builder Secrets is the bundle package that Funnel Builder Secrets offering, the bundle covers literally everything I need from the massive discount on the ClickFunnels Etison Suite plan, Funnel Scripts to write a converting copy, the Funnel Hacks which teach me how to “hack” your competitors funnel, and the Traffic Secrets which is hands down the most detailed course on how to get the best traffic for your business!

In a nutshell, you get all the secret ClickFunnels insider tips, tricks, and hacks that you’ll ever need to survive and be successful in this competitive online marketing world. Inside this Funnel Builder Secrets review, you’ll learn a lot more about what the Funnel Builder Secrets package has to offer, and whether or not it is worth it in the long run.



So What’s Included in the Funnel Builder Secrets?

The primary Funnel Builder Secrets package was made to cover everything you need to hit the floor running with ClickFunnels. This package is specifically designed to help you from writing copy, designing the funnel, and also get your sales as soon as you launch your funnel.

It literally compromises everything you need to be succeded in sales funnels marketing using Clickfunnels. with the Funnel Builder Secrets package, you’re no longer need to purchase any other tool to be able to build a thriving sales funnel.

So let’s break down everything you’ll get with the Funnel Builder Secrets



6-12 Months ClickFunnels Etison Suite Plan ($1,782 – $3,654 Value)


The ClickFunnels  Startup Plan ($97/month) are limited to 20 funnels,100 pages and capped at 20,000 monthly visitors within their accounts.

When you get started with Funnel Builder Secrets, ClickFunnels is giving you access to their enterprise plan or Etison Suite that cost $297/month, which means you have an unlimited number of funnels, unlimited traffic, unlimited pages for 6-12 months (depending on which package you choose)

Which means you’ll also get access to:

  • “Backpack”

A feature that allows you to create affiliate programs you may use to spread the word about your product and generate more sales.

  • “Actionetics”

A feature which lets you build a completely automatic email campaign where your leads are segmented based on their actions. In addition, you can even send customized emails to each individual email listing or contribute.


If you are already a ClickFunnels member or previously have bought the Funnel Builder Secrets or the “Funnel Hacks” offer — ClickFunnels allowing you to purchase it again. This will just push your monthly billing for one more year.


The Funnel Hacks Master-class ($1,997 Value)

Funnel Hacks System is training and guides to better help get the absolute most out of your ClickFunnels experience. The Funnel Hacks class will teach you from how to build your very first successful funnel inside ClickFunnels and how to reverse engineer a lucrative sales funnels for your business.

And here’s the list of lessons that will be covered in the Funnel Hacks

  • How to Build in ClickFunnels
  • Hacking My Funnels
  • Fast Product Development
  • Optin Funnels
  • Sales Funnels
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Automated Webinars
  • Membership Sites
  • Launch Funnels


The Funnel Hacks will teach you everything you need to funnel hack your competitors. What’s working for them? Just how much money are they making? And how to get better results out of your competition!



The Funnel Builder Secrets Training ($997 Value)


I have taken both The Funnel Hacks and also The Funnel Builder Secrets. In my opinion, The Funnel Builder Secrets emphasizing more on the psychology side on how to create an irresistible offer and how to get the best customers for your product that will be going to buy your product/services no matter what.

Some of the training modules include:

  1. Funnel Overview
  2. Creating Your Offer (This is the best module hands down 🙏)
  3. Picking Your Funnel Strategy
  4. Copywriting
  5. Power Editor Basics
  6. Funnel Design
  7. Mobile-Friendly Funnels
  8. Integrations
  9. Launching Your Funnel
  10. Traffic Secrets

And lastly, there is also more Funnel Builder Secrets Bonus and training that I can’t mention here (Exclusive only for the Funnel Builder Secrets Buyer).  



Traffic Secrets ($1,997 Value)


In the Funnel Builder Secrets 10X Presentation, Russell talks about John Reese and his best marketing “Traffic Secrets” class. John Reese has been successfully made $1 Million in one-day selling Traffic Secrets… And Russell Brunson bought the Traffic Secrets from John Reese so that he can offer it into this Funnel Builder Secrets offer!



Traffic Secrets is a comprehensive course that summarizes strategies for 125 various targeted visitors sources for your own business, What’s great about Traffic Secrets is that it covers from organic traffic to the paid ones and the formula to get best ROI for your paid ads campaign…



1 Year Access to Funnel Scripts ($497 Value)

Funnel Scripts is a web-based software script that will write all your copywriting needs, whether it’s a headline, ads, webinar slides, sales copy, and nearly everything you can think of…

The Funnel Scripts costs $497/Year if you buy the software alone, With the Funnel Builder Secrets package, you’ll get access to the Funnel Scripts for 1 year FOR FREE.



The ClickStart Coaching ($5,997 Value)

To make sure you’re not alone in this sales funnel marketing journey, ClickFunnels will hook you up with a ClickStart mentor which will get you on the phone in a private coaching session.

The Clickstart coaches will direct you through a set of steps to identify your business, finding the best audience for your business, and came up with a strategic plan to maximize your business revenue!

Then, you will be guided through an 8 session tutorial on your journey to actually get the most out of your business through a well-thought-out and well-executed sales funnels.



How Much Does The Funnel Builder Secrets Cost?

You will find 3 options to get started with Funnel Builder Secrets. $1,997, $2,997, and $5,997.

The two most popular options will be $1,997 and also the $2,997 bundles, I’m in the second option which is the $2,997 bundles and I can tell you that this package alone is more than enough resources for all your funnel building needs.

The biggest differences between the $ 2,997 packages and the $ 1,997 are the extra six months of ClickFunnels Etison Suite Plan in the $2,997, which means you get yourself the full year of the Etison Suite plan, and this is also why I’m taking the $2,997.

The $5,997 bundle deal is also available for anyone that wants to take the extra private ClickStart Coaching, I personally wouldn’t even bother getting the 5k option because I think the second option is literally more than enough resources for me. (and I don’t have the $5k to invest as well TBH 😂)




Is Funnel Builder Secrets Worth Your Money?

I am a strong believer in the value of utilizing the ClickFunnels as my main platform for my business. I’ve been using ClickFunnels for almost 4 years and I happily recommend it to others because of its massive value. I know to invest up to $6,000 dollars for a masterclass is not for everyone, for me if you’re just starting out, the Startup Plan ($97) is enough for you to get started using ClickFunnels as your main business platform.

So let us examine the price of ClickFunnels over twelve months:

  • Six months of the $297/month Etison Suite = $1,782
  • 1 year of the $297/month Etison Suite = $3,564

If your business is built (or going to be built) on ClickFunnels, and also you want ClickFunnels as your main business platform and you know that you will stick to the software long term, or maybe you’re a ClickFunnels member and desired to upgrade to the Etison Suite and wants to save more money, it is a no-brainer to invest in the Funnel Builder Secrets.

The Funnel Builder Secrets package costs significantly less than the price of paying for ClickFunnels Etison Suite Plan per month for one year, and obviously, it also contains the Funnel Hacks masterclass, Funnel Builder Secrets coaching, Traffic Secrets, 1-year access to Funnel Scripts, etc which are a massive offer that’s hard to resist.

Twelve months of the Etison Suite at $297/month alone cost more than the price of this Funnel Builder Secrets offer…By paying out upfront, it is definitely will help you save more money in the long run.



What Happens After the 6 or the 12 months of ClickFunnels from Funnel Builder Secrets expires? 

As soon after your 6 or 12 months Etison Suite Plan from Funnel Builder Secrets expires, your ClickFunnels account will simply revert back to monthly billing.

By default, your month-to-month charge will reestablish with the Etison Suite Plan, and you could even have the option to downgrade your own ClickFunnels account into the $97/month plan at any time.

What about the Funnel Scripts?

After the included twelve months access to Funnel Scripts expires, then you can either renew for a year at $497 or cancel it.



Final Words

As I mentioned earlier, Funnel Builder Secrets is not for everyone, because I believe, the Startup Plan ($97/month) is enough for you to play around with ClickFunnels and create a converting sales funnels.

So I suggest watch the 10X replay first and try ClickFunnels FREE for 14 days.

I believe the immense value stack that contained in this package would be worth the price tag, I think maybe even more! There is a reason ClickFunnels has surpassed most of the other funnel software and placed itself as the pioneer within the online sales funnel field.

The Funnel Builder Secrets provides you with everything you need to make your business growth skyrocketed with sales funnels in 6 months to 12 months. With the training provided by Funnel Builder secrets, I don’t think it’s possible to fail with such a program unless you don’t take action on it.

The info comprises in the Funnel Builder Secrets has been successfully created a lot of seven to eight figures business using sales funnel. And of course, this is absolutely possible for you as well!

So to sum it all up, if you’re new to ClickFunnels I definitely suggest trying ClickFunnels first, it’s a 14 FREE Trial and you can cancel your account at any time!

and if you’re a ClickFunnels member that want to upgrade to the Etison Suite, Investing in the Funnel Builder Secrets is a great way to scale your business and of course saving you more money.


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