Moments of riding on horses are similar to scenes from a film where the star is riding off towards the sunset. While riding on horseback, you’ll be having the best time of your lives. Here are our top 7 reasons to go horseback riding.

  1. First and foremost: Have Fun!

Anyone who has been in the saddle of a horse understands that it’s pure enjoyable. There is a thrill that comes with it. It gives you freedom, and freedom of movement and makes incredible athletic feats possible. There is an absolute satisfaction in soaring through the open fields, at the same time as your horse.

  1. Fitness

Horse riding is a hard job! If you believe that the horse is doing everything, you need to reconsider. After an hour on the saddle, going through hills and up, it will feel like you’ve completed an effective workout. It is a miracle for your bum, core, and lower back muscles. In addition, the weight lifting that usually occurs in the vicinity of horses, water, and hay is not lightweight! Have you ever wondered why horses generally are healthy and fit people …?

  1. Stress relief

The thrill of exploring the woods and hills on horses is as relaxing as it is. You can breathe in the fresh air of the country and connect with your horse while you ride along paths that you can’t reach on a bicycle or by car. You can enjoy listening to the variety of birds, taking note of the butterflies and lizards that cross across the pathways, and pointing at the rabbit that is disappearing in the woods. It’s the perfect place to rest your thoughts.

  1. You are forced out of your comfort zone

Life starts at the edge of the comfort zones, they claim! If you’ve never sat on a horse before, with us you’ll be able to enjoy yourself testing it for the very first time. Our horses are gentle and secure and we’re also very mindful of safety and are aware of what we’re doing. We’ll supply you with the security equipment and tips you require for a successful first experience.

  1. Increase trust 

Horses are calming, gentle, and simple creatures that make their presence extremely therapeutic for you. This is the reason why we would like to provide you with time to spend time with your horse before and after your ride.

  1. Explore the world through horses’ ears

Horseback riding provides a new method to experience the world. I am aware that trail riding is one of my favorite ways to enjoy time on the back of a horse. If it was riding through the woods and fields of my own country or the trails of my home state, trail riding has enabled me to explore parts of the world that I would never have otherwise. It’s an excellent opportunity to travel the world through something you are passionate about.

  1. Human-Animal Bond

There is nothing more satisfying than loving horses unless of course, knowing that the horse will love you back. The bond between animals and humans is among the top reasons to take a ride. Horses will be genuine friends with the riders they ride with. If they are treated with respect, compassion, and love the bond that forms is truly remarkable and inspirational. And, make sure that there’re no pests between you and your horse because there are plenty in nature! Use a good fly spray for horses before sure sharing a ride.