Friendships with your best friends are the greatest present in this world, and it’s crucial to come up with ways to surprise your most loved ones every now and again to remind them of how precious they truly are. It’s so easy to let those we cherish be taken for granted, and there is nothing that can make you happier and fulfilled than sharing a moment of pure joy with a loved one. Take the time to let the people you cherish know how much you value them. One way to show appreciation is to do something small every now and then to make their day more enjoyable. Take a look at some of my top ways to delight your most loved friend, and tell me if you have any suggestions!



Mailing a letter is one of the best ways to delight your favorite person. Many of us don’t have the habit of receiving snail mail, as it’s extremely slow compared to high-speed Internet and texting. However, you should consider snail mail as an enjoyable way to show your favorite friend that she’s special. Do you remember how wonderful feeling it was to receive a surprise from the mailman as a child? Send your best friend the same feeling and send her a note, card or small parcel. It will brighten her day and provide her with a reason to be looking forward to receiving her mailbox more often!


A Small GIFT

What woman doesn’t want an amazing gift, do you think? Give your best friend a gift with a little present to show her that you think she’s amazing. Examples are an ornamental necklace, a book that she’ll appreciate, an accordion for beginners, a gadget she can use at home, or maybe the most meaningful locket. Small gifts are enjoyable for all, and if they’re from your most trusted friend, they’re the best.


COOK her dinner

If lunch isn’t an option, You can surprise your friend by giving her an elaborate dinner! You could either go to her home and cook her a meal or invite her to a place with an excellent meal for an act of surprise. Pizza and soda aren’t considered in this scenario, so spend the time to cook something even if it’s easy and easy. It’ll mean a lot to her that you took the time to cook and will also allow you and her to have a chat about food during the process.


Leave her a note

Maybe you’re on a budget but don’t have any cooking abilities. This is fine as you can still provide an enjoyable gift to your friend that’s equally. Send her a note whether at work, at home, or any other place you’re sure to locate it. Little notes of surprise are great for everyone, and I believe they can be the most enjoyable small gifts we can give to anyone. You don’t have to elaborate in your note; just say why you think she’s awesome and how much she is important to you.



Women are known to like flowers, so why not gift flowers to your favorite friend to show that you appreciate her? Flowers are a sign of affection more than anything else. And even when your friend isn’t one of your biggest fans, it will make her over the top. If she’s not the type of lady, just buy her a lovely flower that doesn’t need much care. Keep in mind that it’s what you think of that matters, and she’ll appreciate a nice present regardless of whether she has a green thumb.