If it’s a gathering or family dinner, we’re all likely to gather in our kitchen, and the kitchen must be a comfortable space that is free of excessive smells. However, that’s not an easy task when you’re confronted with unpleasant cooking odors, bins, and drains all in one space.

There’s no need to use chemicals to freshen your air or deodorize sprays because there are many natural methods to get rid of odors which don’t suggest leaving all of the windows unlocked! Use the tips below to ensure the best kitchen smell.


General guidelines

Always turn on the extractor fan while cooking to prevent the build-up of cooking smells. Lastly, if the weather permits, air-condition the entire house by opening the windows and letting fresh air flow in.


The dishwasher

The warm damp containers with dirty dishes, only to think about how a smelly odor can build up inside. A few minutes of care is enough to ensure that your dishwasher is odor-free. In the beginning, you should be looking to clean your filter of dishwasher filter off the top of your dishwasher, and then rinse the debris out after each wash cycle, or at least once per week. Additionally, regularly run a moist cloth over the door seals to prevent an accumulation of dirt and mold.

To give your skin a more thorough cleanse and to remove the scale make sure you fill a cup with white vinegar and place it on top of the rack, and then run the machine at the highest setting.

If you require something more powerful you can use a specific cleaner such as the Dr. Beckmann Service-it Deep Cleaning Dishwasher Cleaning.



Anyone who loves cheese will be aware that it’s not difficult to fill your refrigerator with strong odors however, whether it’s garlic, cheese, or even a forgotten leftovers bowl, scents can be lingering behind that shut fridge door.

If you’re able then the best option is to get rid of your refrigerator and ensure it’s organized.

When you fill up the fridge, make sure to add a tiny container of bicarbonate soda to absorb any strong odors from food to ensure they don’t stay around or alter the taste of food items in the vicinity.



Make the interior of your microwave less difficult to wipe off by warming (on high) the bowl which contains a chunked-up lemon till the window of the microwave starts to steam up. The bowl should rest for 15 minutes before opening the door. The microwave will not only be fresh and fragrant however, you’ll be able to wash away any grease and grime effortlessly.


Waste disposal and sink

If you’ve provided your sink with a well-scrubbing and you’re still experiencing an erupting pong, that’s likely coming from the plug. Pour soda crystals and then pour boiling water into the plughole. This will eliminate unpleasant odors by clearing grease, and soap scum and making your sink drain more efficiently. Be sure to wear gloves made of rubber to prevent skin irritation.

To remove unpleasant smells emanating from your disposal, put some lemon rinds in the drain and then follow it up with cold water. Turn it on and run it until the rinds have been pushed through. This should aid in cleaning and freshening your drain.



Recycling bins and garbage along with food waste bins will be an area that is prone to smell. Make sure to empty the bins regularly and clear your garbage bins often, especially during the summer seasons. When you’re done, add bicarbonate of soda, or cat litter at the base of your container to help absorb smells and make sure you don’t have a smelly bin by following these tips. Bins also attract roaches; use an effective cockroach killer to eliminate all the roaches.



There could be more food remnants in the oven than you think which could be causing an unpleasant smell. To remove the smell from the oven, allow it to cool and then pour 700ml white vinegar along with 200ml bicarbonate soda onto a baking tray and allow it to sit overnight. The chemical reaction between bicarb and vinegar will assist to eliminate odors from the oven. If your oven is filthy, it will be necessary to get the oven cleaning or the burnt-on food smells will return in no time.


Make a natural and safe air freshener

To eliminate other smells lingering in the kitchen area, make an air deodorizer that you can put on the stove. Make a simmer of lemon rinds, and orange slices along with rosemary in a pot of water. The kitchen will be scented with natural, fresh aromas instead of synthetic chemicals, which you may purchase from a store-bought air freshener.