If you’re planning a solo fishing trip, it’s easy to forget the importance of preparing. As anglers, we’re so eager to pack and go that we overlook certain essentials which can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful excursion. If it’s a week trip to a distant destination or a day-long hike into the hills, here are 7 useful tips to make that journey go easily.

Pack the Car Ahead of Time

The car should be packed ahead of time is a great method of ensuring that nothing gets forgotten. Ensure that all rods are securely stored in their tubes and reels in their cases. It’s not a good feeling to arrive at the water’s edge only to find your favorite rod split into two. It’s best to pack your car well in advance. It will make things much easier on departure day.

Check Stream Conditions

Keeping track of the condition of the river or stream that you plan to fish is crucial. If the body of water is covered by USGS information, it is something that needs to be checked several times before departure. If you’re fishing an area at first, talk to your local fly shops and other anglers to get a sense of a “normal” flow.

Bring a Backup!

If it’s an angling rod, reel, fishing tackle bag, and a camera’s battery, you’ll need to bring lots of backups for your journey. We fly fishermen are devoted to our equipment. However, the reality is that gear may be faulty. This is why it’s crucial to ensure that one mistake doesn’t ruin your whole trip. It doesn’t mean that you need to carry a spare of everything, only the essentials ….like beers!

Bring the Camera

You’ve planned your epic excursion, but it can’t be complete without photos to demonstrate it! Bring a camera. It doesn’t have to be a pricey DSLR. It could just be an ordinary smartphone camera. Or a GoPro. Having camera equipment is not to take images that have won awards but to remind you of the time that you were in complete bliss in the natural world. We guarantee you’ll be grateful that you did after returning to the office, scrolling through your photos.

Pack a Killer Lunch

When you are on your excursion, one aspect that is beyond your control is fishing. If it’s not moving, it’s slow. But, there’s one thing you control the pace of your lunch. The fewer items you need to carry around, the better. However, don’t be afraid to make it large! 

Stock Up on Flies

While this is an obvious one, it is important to emphasize the importance of variety in fly patterns. Before leaving, you must have numerous flies available in a myriad of sizes and colors. If you notice an opening in the hatch, it will be a breeze to prepare with no limitations.

Have Fun!

The last but not least, be sure to take your time and have fun. These trips are designed to be a great method of decompressing and escaping. Don’t be in a twisted shape by a missed catch one or two. It’s just part of the experience. Be grateful for every moment because, as you realize, you don’t think about when you’ll get on the water again.