If you opt for storebought or making a homemade vinegar-based cleaning solution begin with these tricks and tips for cleaning windows both inside and outside to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Cleaning the Insides of Windows

  1. Make sure to fill a large pot with cool, clean water. Add some drops of detergent for dishwashing liquid.
  2. Put a bath towel of a good size under the window to catch any spills that may occur.
  3. Use a clean microfiber towel or sponge to cover the window’s surface starting from the top and moving downwards to the bottom. Be sure to clean the frame outside and inside.
  4. Make sure to thoroughly clean the window with the solution of water and vinegar or, in the event you prefer, use you can use a commercial window cleaner. Another option is to mix 1 capful of ammonia in two gallons of water.
  5. With an unclean, lint-free towel (or the black and white pages of the newspaper) Dry the window completely with a Z-shaped movement. Also, you can make use of clean newspaper towels to dry windows should you wish to.
  6. If streaks or dirt persist then spray and dry. (Dirty windows generally require two times of spraying as well as drying.)

Remember that it is best to work on a cloudy, cool day to ensure that windows-cleaning solutions and soapy water don’t remain dry in your window.


Cleaning windows from the outside

  1. Outside windows are typically more prone to dirt and staining. Begin by washing the windows using the hose, then fill the bucket with cool, clean water. Then add several drops of dish soap liquid.
  2. Utilizing a soft microfiber cloth to cover the entire surface of your window. For windows with higher levels, you can make use of a sponge mop (or microfiber or soft cotton mop) on the pole.
  3. Cleanse thoroughly using the rinse hose.
  4. Mop or spray with the solution of vinegar and water or use a commercial cleaner.
  5. Cleanse the window using a squeegee that is clean and has rubber blades. Squeeze the squeegee toward the lower part of the window and then work from the top to the bottom. Clean the squeegee using an unclean, dry towel at the bottom of every passage. You can also make use of an unclean, lint-free, clean towel or newspapers to clean the windows.
  6. To remove tough dirt and stains such as bird droppings, soak completely with water and vinegar, and allow it to stand for a while before drying. It is also possible to run using the soft “scrubby” sponge, but don’t use steel wool or scrubbing clothes that are rough; they can scratch your window.
  7. Do not forget about the windows screens. Cleanse them with normal water, spray with a solution of water and vinegar and then wash with simple water. Allow it to dry completely before replacing the screens on windows.

Sometimes, windows can be stained by mineral deposits, particularly in areas that have hard water. There are many methods of getting rid of windows stained by mineral deposits. However, the best option is to use a commercial cleanser. Also, if there is an infestation of flies in your house, you can install a small fly trap out your window.