We’ve all heard about Christmas being the most beautiful season. However, it could be the most gruesome season of the year.

This is the ultimate resource for finding the perfect present for everyone and every person.

1. Make this an occasion. Make the packaging unique! Instead of just giving your gift wrapped in standard wrapping paper, Consider the gifting experience as an experience, and you need to ensure that they’re enjoying the experience. Then, hide his presence and take him on a hunt to locate the item. Instead of giving the present card or gift voucher, place a hidden message inside the form of a Twilight book that will give him the gift card’s code. Make her present the shape of a shark that she must perform surgery on it to get the message out. Never, ever think about the fun of opening presents. Sometimes, quantity can signify high quality, even if it’s just an assortment of tiny things individually wrapped.

2. Then, simply give an experience. Your friend is a huge fan of Les Mis, but does she already have the book, the film, and the poster for the film? Purchase her tickets to the movie. One of my favorite gifts was a step-by-step guide that took the recipient into a dining establishment, purchased him the Flying Spaghetti Monster dinner, and provided a partner to play at the arcade.

3. Create a list of everything the person is most interested in and defines them. You should make this list as long as you can. At least two hours recording as many details as you are able to. You can now think of something that goes with each item on the list, whether big or small. It’s not necessary to give all of them. However, you’ll discover some great ideas that you might not have come across otherwise. And when you mix some of them, your recipient will appreciate how thoughtful and thoughtful you made it. A man suffering from depression is a fan of science fiction and enjoys male fashion, and received a likely life-changing gift specifically customized to his preferences. A person who is a fan of bacon received a year-long, gourmet bacon-of-the-month subscription. Yes, indeed.

4. Consider the past. Perhaps somebody on your list is a recent graduate from college, and you can frame their diploma to display. One of our participants in our gift exchange received a portrait that depicted her pet, who had passed away the year prior. Relive the memories of their childhood. One of the participants, a brother’s customer, had the Nintendo 64 and received another. And what kid hasn’t wanted that they could eat only marshmallows from the Lucky Charms box?

5. Find out what the person needs. I understand the words you’re using. Put it down. They do require something. It is important to think about it in a larger sense. What is it that a successful businessperson requires? Time, probably. There’re a lot of tools available to help people manage their lives more effectively. It is also possible to ask other friends what their best tips are. Have a sibling in nursing school? Make a student nurse survival kit! Likes music? Buy him/her a harp. Thinking on a larger level can help you think out of your normal perspective of the person.

6. Try some stalking. If that doesn’t work, then you should talk. Most people have a wishlist on Amazon and will be quite awed and delighted when you find what they were looking for without even asking. And they might not even know what they even wanted it. Go through their history on Facebook to find clues. If they’re a Redditor, you can look up the types of posts they’ve commented on previously and may have a wishlist in the marketplace of Reddit.

7. Include a small part of you. Create it to be personal in a different manner, personalized by you, not to them. Create a work of art, compose lyrics, or knit an afghan–you know what you want to do. Combine it with any of the other (or several) suggestions above to make a truly unique present.