Cousins are unquestionably the most interesting members of the family. They’re not like your aunts and uncles, with whom you might have a difficult time connecting, but they’re also not like your siblings, with whom you may have grown up spending every waking hour. In many ways, cousins are more like buddies with whom you are fortunate to share a blood relationship.

Coming up with gift ideas for younger cousins can be challenging, especially in today’s digital world, where everything is so accessible. However, you do not need to be concerned.  These children’s gift ideas will make you the favorite older cousin while also making your younger cousin smile brighter on their birthday!


1.   Inline Skates

Inline skates are a great birthday present for a younger cousin who wants to master a new skill and live a healthier lifestyle.

The advantages of inline skating are well-known.  As a kind of exercise, inline skating can also help kids improve their overall athleticism.

Inline skating is a certain way to boost the fitness of your cousin. Your cousins’ wits will stay sharper if they receive some fresh air and exercise. Playing with friends is a great way for them to make new ones and strengthen their existing ones.

Since there are so many perks to inline skating, it’s little wonder it’s at the top of our list of gift ideas. You’ll find some great recommendations as well as a comprehensive buying guide right here!


2.   Science Experiment Kit

If your cousins are a little older and have shown a strong passion for science in school, this is the perfect gift idea for them. Almost all of the equipment your young cousin will need to conduct experiments is included in a science experiment kit. In addition, it is supplied with special chemicals and materials. Aside from learning about the science behind each experiment, they allow children to show off what they’ve learned in class or at school fairs. Start your search here!


3.   Perfume

It happens to everyone at some point in their lives when they think they’ve crossed the threshold into adulthood. This is especially true after a day of physical education when things tend to get a little soiled and stinky. It’s your job, as a cool cousin, to expose them to the wonderful world of perfumes and eau de toilettes. Perfume in a classy or rustic bottle is a great birthday gift idea for them. They’ll treasure the experience for a lifetime!


4.   Just Dance

Enjoying Just Dance in the living area with your favorite little cousins is a must when spending the holidays at home. You and your cousins will cherish these memories for the rest of your lives.  Get them a Just Dance game on their birthday so that every time they have fun with it, they’ll vividly remember you!


5.   Personal Diary

As children begin to mature, they often display a wide range of emotions and thoughts. Gifting a diary is a great way to give them a quiet place to express themselves. Whether it’s based on their favorite cartoon character or simply a bright and unique one with calligraphic writing, including a beautiful pen to enable them to jot down their thoughts makes for an intriguing birthday present for a little cousin as they get older.



It might be difficult to come up with nice gift ideas for young cousins because sometimes you don’t know them well enough to understand what they’d want. You may, however, give them the best birthday gifts with a little thoughtfulness, research, and planning! We wish you the best of luck in your quest to be the hippest cousin ever this year with our gift ideas.