The creature was twitching furiously to let go of all its spindly, six feet with oily wings (oh I’ll forever remember the sound of flapping from her hair) All of us screamed from her screams, including the guys. Except for the victim (or were we the ones who suffered? ), who finally yanked the hair out using her hands, and tossed it into an adjacent drain.

What are the cockroaches that make people who are perfectly rational and functioning be embarrassing portrayals of themselves when they are in public, while others remain completely calm about them?


Why am I afraid of Cockroaches?

The fear of roaches is an extensively researched topic. It is connected with our fear of other insects along with animals and creatures generally. Psychologists who specialize in behavior and phobias have a variety of theories to explain the reason you suffer from a particular fear. Based on The Journal of Clinical Psychology the following are the reasons:

  • Behavioral
  • Psychoanalytic
  • Genetic
  • Cultural
  • Biochemical
  • Cognitive

The Behavioral Viewpoint

It is believed that phobias are developed because of an experience that is frightening or traumatizing. For cockroaches, this could include things like:

  • The sight of the cockroach in your food
  • If you see a cockroach fly toward you

However, phobias of this kind can be triggered by seemingly unrelated events. They need to be connected to trauma. As an example, you could have opened a jar, and the cockroach escaped. This is why looking at jars, or the idea of opening one could cause katsaridaphobia.

In addition, we have evolved to be scared of some objects since they’re naturally dangerous. These could be containers or areas with contents concealed within. Our ancestors learned to be afraid of the unknown because it could pose a risk to their lives.

The theory also suggests that you can study these behaviors more easily. What you think about the cockroaches (or any other thing in general) is taught unconsciously to you through:

  • Parents
  • Caregivers
  • Friends
  • The people in your community

The way they react or feel about it could be passed onto you as a kid. Your childhood experiences can lead to similar emotions and reactions.

Psychoanalytic Perspective

This implies that phobias stem from our childhood experiences. They are a symbol of an unconscious, hidden feeling. In this way having a phobia of cockroaches doesn’t necessarily mean you’re extremely terrified of insects like cockroaches. In reality, it’s an excuse for unintentional thoughts and feelings about other things.

Genetic Viewpoint

There is some evidence that suggests that certain individuals have genes that are inherited for an aversion to cockroaches. It may sound absurd because there aren’t any specific genes that encode katsaridaphobia. But, certain personality characteristics, like neurosis, can be transmitted through genetics. The traits that cause neurosis make people more vulnerable to developing specific fear.

Cultural Perspective

This particular perspective is very similar to the behavioral view, which is that you can develop a phobia of people. The difference is in the person and from where you acquire your fear. The view of culture is that your phobia of cockroaches arose from being aware of the behavior and reactions of the people you live with or your community.

Biochemical Viewpoint

The brain also has different chemical makeup, which is specific to each person similar to how we each have distinct personality traits. The biochemical perspective.

Instead of being able to produce genes for specific personality traits specific chemicals present within your brain make you more susceptible to developing fear. A person that doesn’t possess this brain chemistry isn’t likely to experience a similar fear….

If you have the fear of cockroaches, you can use a variety of pest control methods to keep them out of your sight. The most effective is to use a cockroach killer spray; it’ll instantly eliminate a roach.