Accidents and injuries do not only happen to children. About 9,000 children under 19 years old suffer injuries that are not intentional throughout the U.S. Most of these injuries can be avoided, particularly those that happen at the family home.

A variety of home safety items and equipment for childproofing are on the market to provide a safe environment for children. The number of items that it could be overwhelming, and even water safety is vital.

It is possible that you aren’t sure which product to pick from the many options available. The most important safety concern first is a great place to begin.


Secure Sleeper

The most frequent site for injuries in infants and toddlers is in the crib. Anything in the crib, like blankets, pillows, and toys that are placed in the crib, could cause suffocation for infants. The mattress’s cover could come off and cause suffocation as well.

The most likely age to die due to SIDS is between three and 5 months. Secure sleeping can greatly reduce the chance of SIDS as well as other injuries that can be sustained from cribs. A lot of families utilize the secure sleeper to ensure safe co-sleeping. It can, however, be put in the crib. A safe sleeper is typically equipped with mesh siding to allow airflow when the baby’s head turns and does not have bedding. Many secure sleepers are portable to travel with and travel. 


Safety Gates

Safety gates are among the most commonly used children’s safety items families own. They can be placed inside doors or in-between steps to keep animals and children within a particular zone.

The Regalo Simple Step Walk Through Gate is a highly-rated security gate that is approved by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and the American Society for Testing Materials. It features a single-handed lock-and-open function for adults who need to cross the threshold when carrying children. The pressure mount is ideal for walls. It doesn’t need any tools for installation.


Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Carbon monoxide poisoning accounted for 5149 deaths between 1999 and 2010, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Around 30,000 people in the U.S. are sickened by carbon monoxide every year.

Carbon monoxide is referred to for its silent killing since it is easily missed by the general public because it is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Carbon monoxide can be absorbed by the walls as well.

Electrical Outlet Covers

Electrical outlets can be a source of risk for children. Based on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, More than 24,000 kids were treated in emergency rooms for injuries resulting from electrical outlets between the years 1991 between 1991 and 2001. The injuries afflicted an average of seven children each day. Boys between 2 – 3 years are considered the highest-risk population for injuries to electrical outlets.


Fire Extinguishers

They can be devastating, and most house fires can be avoided. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the number of house fires that occurs within the U.S. annually is really frightening.

Extinguishers for fires are the most effective method of putting out the beginning of a fire efficiently and swiftly. It is advised to have an extinguisher for fire on each level of your home and an extinguisher in your kitchen, where most house fires begin. Along with a fire escape ladder, the fire extinguishers can really save your family.