The moment has arrived to get ready for your next big game hunt. There is no substitute for proper hunting gear, regardless of your experience level. To have a successful hunt in the upcoming hunting season, it is vital that you do your homework and make the right pick.

Regardless of the type of hunt you’re planning, there are a few things that every hunter should pack. Today, we have listed them for your convenience.



A hunting supply list is incomplete without a preferred weapon. No hunt would be possible without it. Therefore ensuring it is up to the challenge is critical.

Ensure your weapon is ready for takedown weeks or months before your scheduled hunt. Stock up on ammo, inspect your arrowheads for rust, repair any frayed bowstrings, and do any other necessary maintenance before your targeted hunting season.



Binoculars are a must-have for any adventurer or hunter. Hunters hunt in remote areas of nature. The best hunting binoculars will let you spot a deer from miles away or check out the landscape from afar.


Pocket Knife

Knives are very useful on any hunt. They help dig small holes for posts, cut down branches for shelter or a blind, and skin an animal.

While many hunters pack two or more blades for various jobs, a reliable pocket knife is generally all you need. Here are the top-rated hunting knives on Amazon.


Scent Killer

Inexperienced hunters often overlook the importance of a scent killer on their hunting equipment list. Get rid of any remaining odors before heading out into the wild by washing your hunting gear in scent-killer detergent.

Use a scent-killer spray on your firearm, decoys, knives, survival kit, and other hunting gear that cannot be washed. After spraying, place scent-sensitive items, like a deer decoy, in scent-control bags.



Decoys can be used to lure animals closer so you can have a clear shot at them. Keep them prepared to boost your hunting chances.

Certain decoys function better in certain settings or at certain times of the year. For instance, estrus deer decoys only work during the rut or a second rut. Learn how to use a deer decoy here.


Boots and Clothing

The most crucial thing about boots is that they fit you properly and that you break them in before you leave for this hunting season. A non-insulated boot is lighter and better for the warmer months, but a decent sock system keeps your feet dry and warm.

Camouflaged clothes can help protect prey from spooking and escaping out of range. Camouflage minimizes the chance of your quarry spotting you while you are hiding in a tree stand by blending your profile with the greenery above you.



You can keep hidden from your target by using ground blinds or tree stands. While you might make a blind or stand out of the materials available on your hunting property, premade camouflaged blinds allow you to set one up fast and easily.



That’s all there is to it. If you’re planning a large game hunt, this list isn’t comprehensive, but it does include the essentials. Having the proper equipment might mean the difference between a frustrating hunt and a fantastic one.