Are you struggling hard to get a decent result in your own MLM business? Has your Network Marketing CRM reached a lull lately?

Well, Let me explain what you might be doing wrong and how to fix it and get a lot of profitable downlines using ClickFunnels sales funnel.

One of the biggest issues I’ve seen nearly almost all MLMers/Network Marketers is the method that they have been using…

Reaching out and speak to everybody they know, introduce them to the products or the business and hoping they’ll buy the products.

Well, that old method is no longer work nowadays!

In the current online marketing world, that strategy is way too old and no longer effective to get a profitable prospect to your MLM business, If you want to get more prospects/downlines for your Network Marketing business you need to have a “new way/method” to market and sell your products online.

So what’s the new way?

Sales Funnels!

Yes! Taking your network marketing business online with the support of a fantastic sales funnels will dramatically improve your network marketing business to the better.

Sales funnels are somewhat a necessity when it comes to the current consumer.


Consumers nowadays want to gather and study information about the product before making a decision to buy the product. They’re also looking for the lowest price with the most “value” when it comes to choosing the products.

This means that we as digital marketers, like your self and I, need new strategies so as to build their network marketing CRM and business in general.

And ClickFunnels sales funnel can facilitate all that!

In this article, I will help you to understand the basics of network marketing/MLM funnels and how you can utilize ClickFunnels sales funnels to grow your network marketing/MLM company.



What is an MLM Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel or marketing funnel is an automated series of web pages that’s been optimized to turn visitors every into buyers.

There are a couple of steps in a sales funnel, from the very first time a customer stumbled upon your product until they go through your all funnels and eventually take the action to make a purchase.

Here are some typical steps in a sales funnel

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action


I believe, in your MLM business, you also do something like sales funnels to get your downline joined.

First,  you make them aware of your business and after that, you present them your product so they get interested to join, and a few steps in-between until they make a decision to take action to purchase or join your team.

Now, with an optimized MLM sales funnel, you can automate the entire process very easy!

It’s also a great tool to filter out your audience that really is not that interested. This can save you a lot of time! so you can focus on those who really are interested and deliver them massive value, this is the process where you need to deliver maximum value to your prospect. offer them a bonus stack, extra coaching, etc. If you do this right, I’m sure you’ll convert more prospect into potential long term clients!


Now, What is ClickFunnels?


ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder tool made by Russell Brunson.

ClickFunnels makes it very easy for you to set your marketing and sales funnels up and running, you just need a couple of clicks and then you funnel are ready! Russell knows how hard it is for us non-techies to put all the bits together so that he creates ClickFunnels to help us grow with our business using a well-optimized sales funnel.

You will be presented with tons of pre-built funnels to choose from. From network marketing, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, coaching, etc. ClickFunnels has all that high-converting pre-built funnel templates for pretty much any kind of business. Then all you do is choose one from the many templates available, customize it, then send traffic to your offer and watch the sales come from the other end.

If you want to have a better understanding of ClickFunnels, I suggest you read my ClickFunnels review.

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So, How Do You Grow Your MLM/Network Marketing Business With ClickFunnels?

First and foremost, how are you running your MLM business now? I bet you are sending countless prospects to your network marketing replicated site, and you maybe make a few sales with that website, but the question is, What about all of the people that were not interested at the moment?

Just for some illustration here, imagine that send 1000 people to your site and only 10 of them made a purchase or join your team, what happens to the other 990?

Nothing! they just go and probably will never remember your product.

That’s exactly where ClickFunnels’s network marketing/MLM funnel will come in handy.

Using ClickFunnels in your MLM Business, you can pretty much automate all that and everything, and needless to say, get a better result!

Here’s how it works:

Let’s Imagine that you just create your network marketing funnel and send 1000 traffic to it, And 500 of them opt-in to your funnel.  And out of those 500 persons, a couple of them will purchase your product straight away.

And for those visitors who don’t buy straight away, you can then drip them an automated-email campaign filled with VSL, value video series or maybe bonuses until they convert!. With this kind of MLM sales funnel, I can guarantee that you will convert more of your leads over time. Especially if you offer them bonus stack that they also can use to grow their business.

Now you can clearly see that, unlike a regular network marketing/MLM site where people that currently no interested just abandon and never came back, With an automated MLM Funnel, you can always keep your engagement with your prospects throughout the entire process so that they will convert more.

Using the ClickFunnels network promoting bridge funnel makes sense of building a longterm sustainable business.


ClickFunnels For MLM: The best way to get Clients

If you’re ready to get your MLM business running on the internet, you can surely benefit from ClickFunnels. Using their extensive selection of great tools, it has everything your business needs to build an MLM funnel: Optin page, landing page, webinar funnel, email autoresponder, your hosting, custom domain, order forms and so much more!

ClickFunnels templates can be used as-is or you can customize them accordingly to your liking.




So, How You Can Get More Clients Using MLM Marketing funnel?

Let us take a short brief on how the common flow of a ClickFunnels MLM sales funnels.

Opt-in Page

The very first page in your network marketing funnel that you must have is an opt-in page, a well-optimized one. Which is exactly where your prospects enter their name and also email in order to get something from you.

What can you give them in exchange for their contact information? 

Something like a FREE eBook, Free training, Cheatsheet, Guides or an informative video would be useful. Of course, your landing page should be geared toward raising awareness and their curiosity about your services or products, while still providing maximum value to your prospects.


Network Marketing Bridge Sales Funnel Page

After someone opt-in to your MLM funnel, then they land on the next page of your funnel. This is known as the Bridge page, This usually where they can download your offer along with a video sales letter or something valuable.

This is the point where the magic of Network Marketing funnel occurs.

This Bridge funnel page usually includes a compelling video in which you talk about your product or service. Now your real job is to give your potential clients tons of value and benefits to join your team and help them become even more interested and take the action to buy!

Now they have subscribed to your list and get they got interested, even if they don’t go through your entire MLM funnel, you can still promote to them with your ClickFunnels email autoresponder later on by giving them more value + bonus if they join your team.

As soon as they decided, they can take action (buy your product/service) or not. The last step in your MLM funnel is the company MLM site where they can make a purchase and join.

This is just a standard example of the flow of an MLM/Network Marketing sales funnel. You can include more steps in your MLM funnel steps, usually, you can set-up a couple of up-sell pages to get more ROI in your campaign if you do paid traffic.

The point is, even if they don’t buy it right away, you can always keep building a good connection through autoresponder emails and a series of a funnel that contains information that your prospects can use to grow their business with your team.


Quick Tip To Maximize Your Result with Network Marketing Funnel.

  • Use A Good Explainer Video

Use a video sales letter that explains the benefit of the products, the bonuses that they get from joining your team. people nowadays tend to watch a video rather than reading a long sales pages, and videos are more lucrative as compared to long-form sales pages.


  • Insert Social Proof

Use as many testimonials and feedbacks as you can as a form of social proof. display the testimonials from customers + if they allow it, put their business information on the page. This is quite important especially if you’re selling a high-ticket product, high-ticket customers sometimes need to see someone else’s success first before they decide to buy.


  • Align Your Copy Throughout The Funnel.

When creating your sales copy, make sure that it aligns to your ads, and also the entire of your funnel. And also make sure it is clear, coherent and succinct.


  • Split Test

Don’t just settle for a single version of your funnel and pages! Create variations of your pages and split test it. And ClickFunnels has that split test option on your funnel so you can then experiment and test different versions of copy and design and maximize the one that converts more traffic!



Final Words

This post just provides you a general idea on how to use ClickFunnels to grow your MLM and network marketing business. Smart MLM business owners utilize the most recent tools and software, and marketing strategies to skyrocket their success.

And ClickFunnels is unquestionably one best business investment if you want to grow and automate your network marketing business in the current digital marketing world.