Hiking is a wonderful pastime that everybody may enjoy. Outdoor enthusiasts know it’s cheaper than counseling, less time-consuming than a self-help program, and less daunting than a gym. Appreciate the great outdoors while getting a workout and a chance to connect with nature. Because of this, hikers have such a devoted following!

Finding Christmas gifts for hikers isn’t as simple as you would imagine. Assuming they already have the necessities, such as hiking boots, a water pack, and hiking pants, it can be tough to determine what else to get them as a Christmas gift.

Thankfully, there is a slew of fascinating and practical choices available. Decide on a budget, and then look through our selection to discover a Christmas gift that will brighten the day of your hiker.


1.  State Hiker Ornament

Each of these state hiker trinkets is sure to please your hiking companion! Do not be taken aback if they decide to dangle them from their car windshield or their home window, or suspend them from their ceiling fan, all year round!

There are so many choices! Just know they’ll be over the moon with this one-of-a-kind Christmas gift. It’s a great perk for eco-conscious hikers to know that these are constructed from recycled metal!


2.   Redwood Walking Stick

Every hiker should have a comfortable walking stick with them at all times on the trails! Redwood is used in the construction of these rugged-terrain walking sticks, which are just stunning.

This is a thoughtful Christmas gift that will be appreciated by the hiker in your life, especially when they’ll see how much better off they’ll be with one! Keep in mind that they may want to buy another one for themselves or for a trekking companion as well!


3.  Paracord Bracelets

Strength and durability are the hallmarks of paracord (also known as parachute cord). As a result, paracord ropes are being used for a variety of applications that were not originally intended.

A quality paracord has a lot to offer. An additional layer on your survival knife handle, a fishing line, or a rifle sling can all be made from paracord. It is common in survival settings to utilize paracord to build ropes and paracord bracelets.

Get a decent paracord for your hiker with the assistance of this buying advice on the best paracords. You may even build them a paracord bracelet with your own unique design using this tutorial!


4.  National Parks Checklist

To a hiker, a national park is a paradise. Park rangers keep them lush, teeming with wildlife, and well-maintained.

When you have this National Park Checklist, you’ll be able to cross off the ones you’ve already visited and daydream about where you’d like to go next. To top it all off, a pen is included! Your hiker may also put it in their RV or van because of its small dimensions, but it would also look fabulous on their living room wall.


5.  Tracking Board

One of the best ways to keep a record of all of your hiker’s treks is using the 52 Hikes in a Year Tracking Board. Hiking 52 times a year sounds like a wonderful idea, doesn’t it? If your hiker wants to start from scratch next year, it’s easy to remove the parts without having to repurchase them.

It will be a thoughtful gift for a hiker’s birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, whether it’s made of cherry, maple, or white oak.


Wrapping Up

Hiking-related Christmas gifts should be long-lasting, beneficial, and functional in order to make the hiker in your life delighted. For experienced hikers, you may still send them meaningful Christmas gifts that they will appreciate and utilize! We hope this list of thoughtful Christmas gifts for hikers and backpackers will help you in your hunt.