Buying birthday gifts for other people is a skill in and of itself. If you don’t want to give them something generic, you’ll have to put a lot of thought into who you’re buying it for. Giving birthday gifts to architects isn’t always easy. They’re the kind of folks who don’t only make things but also bring them to life.

Architects have been characterized as a finicky bunch, according to some. They are successful because they have a unique point of view that sets them apart from the crowd. So, what do you give to the gifted individuals in your life?

Not to worry any longer. Architects deserve only the best birthday gifts, and we’ve compiled a list of the best ones just for you. Make your way through these birthday gift ideas and select the ones for your favorite architect!


1.  Digital Protractors

A digital protractor is vital for all architects, regardless of their experience level. Even if you use a compass and a scale, you won’t be able to attain the same level of precision as a digital protractor.

Similar to the more basic protectors you used in your school, these digital protractors or digital angle finders are easy to use. A digital display measures and shows the angles created by the legs. Protractor angles can be measured more quickly and accurately with this technique.

For any architectural job that is keeping your architect awake at night, digital protractors can measure the angles more precisely, saving their time and energy. Here, you may begin your search for the greatest digital protractor your architect deserves!


2.  Lego Architecture Sets

The world’s most recognizable structures are brought to life in Lego form. Lego Architecture sets are fantastic gifts and souvenirs for any architect, from the Louvre to the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Berlin skyline to New York City.

Lego has a long history of helping budding architects get their start in the field. There is no better birthday gift for an accomplished adult architect than Lego Architecture models of the largest and most recognized landmarks.


3.  Leather Blueprint Tube

Here’s a birthday gift idea for architects that they’ll genuinely love, and it’ll help them impress their clients, too!

This superior-quality leather blueprint tube is made entirely by hand and is the ideal solution for storing and transporting essential materials. For any event, your architect’s plans and drawings will stay safe and well preserved.


4.  Skyline Chess Set

These chess sets depicting the skylines of some of the world’s most prominent cities, including London, Paris, Dubai, and New York, are one of the top premium architect birthday gift ideas.

Canary Warf is the king of the London skyline chess set, with the Shard of Glass as its queen. The 30 St. Mary Axe represents the bishop with a jovial swagger. When it comes to knights and rooks, the London Eye represents the former and Big Ben, the latter. The pawns are transported via a series of terraced dwellings.


5.  Frank Gehry MasterClass

Gifting this to a prospective architect who is interested in learning about design and contemporary architecture is a wonderful birthday gift idea. Frank Gehry is widely known as one of the world’s greatest architects, and he offers online classes here. There are 17 tutorials that can be accessed at any time after enrolment.

Your architect can also obtain a class workbook in electronic form, which they can store and use at their convenience. For those who like to learn about architectural concepts rather than physical gifts, this is an excellent option.


Wrapping Up

You can find out who your friends’ favorite architects are and then present them with a book about their work as well. Remember that any of the ideas suggested above can be a wonderful birthday present for a loved one. It is safe to say that your friend will be delighted with the gift, and you can be sure that they will be impressed by your ability to track down such unusual stuff.