After a long cooking session, your kitchen is bound to be a mess—splatters of sauce, a full dishwasher, and even a sink that’s threatening to overflow. You can, however, make cleaning a tad easier if you have the right cleaning tools.

Whether you’re just starting or trying to extend or improve your kitchen cleaning arsenal, I’ve created a list of my favorite kitchen cleaning tools that I bet you’ll appreciate. Read on!


1.   Microfiber Cloths

Using hot water and a microfiber cloth to clean counters, stovetops, windows, and refrigerators is the best way to get rid of smudges without the use of chemical cleaners.

Fingerprints can even be removed from surfaces thanks to these cleaning tools.  With a quick wipe, it’s gone. If you don’t want to burn your hands with hot water, I recommend using gloves.


2.   Steel Wool

Steel wool is the cleaning tool of choice for demanding scrubbing jobs like cleaning stovetop grates or the interior of an oven. But watch out! Because it’s extremely abrasive and can scratch particular surfaces, a test application is always recommended.


3.   An Antibacterial Surface Cleaner

These are the best all-purpose cleaners I’ve ever used. Everything from worktops and appliances to glass dining tables and hardwood coffee tables can be cleaned with these products. I sometimes also use a clean towel to wipe off the surface. You can start looking here.


4.   A Squeegee

Squeegees aren’t just for cleaning bathrooms anymore. They can also be used to keep your kitchen spotless. After scrubbing my worktops, I use a squeegee to remove the soapy water and push it down the sink. This process is not only effective, but it also reduces the amount of paper towels you need.


5.   Dishwashing Gloves

A common material used to produce these gloves is silicon, which is heat resistant. In addition, they have a large number of bristles for removing tough stains. Once the gloves are on, all you have to do is add soap, scrub the utensils and rinse them. Here is a good pair.


6.   Mop, Dustpan, and Broom

Cleaning hard floors like wood, tiles, marble, and linoleum requires the use of special cleaning tools.  While there are specific cleaning procedures for specific types of flooring, a broom, a dustpan, and a dust mop would be enough for most houses.

It’s a good idea to purchase a wet mop as well, so you can clean up after spillage or remove dirt from the floor more easily. Remember to get the most effective rat traps as well if your home is plagued by rats.


7.   A Vacuum

You’ll need one of these devices to keep your floors clean and allergens at bay, whether it’s a Roomba, a Dyson, or a powerful machine that has been passed down to you. Here is a selection of the greatest ones currently available on the market.


8.   A Good Sponge

Sponge types are as numerous as they are varied. One of the most useful cleaning tools in the kitchen is nothing more than an old-fashioned sponge—especially when it comes to cleaning up the messiest of kitchen surfaces. Sponge cloths, spaghetti sponges, a Scrub Daddy, and silicone sponges, which last nearly indefinitely, are all decent alternatives to the traditional sponges.


Final Words

For kitchen cleaning tools, these were eight of my favorites. It is easier and more comfortable to spend time in the kitchen with them around. Maintaining a clean, organized, and fresh-smelling kitchen will allow you to unwind and cook after a full day of work!