Clean out the garage with two cars at your house within Brunswick Crossing? Making a plan in your mind will save time and hassle. Knowing how to efficiently organize your garage is a must in this process of planning and will aid you in locating everything in the most secure and convenient place.

Research has shown that organizing can ease stress and in improving mental well-being. In the words of Psychology Today, “clutter is a constant source of stress,” and reducing clutter in your garage is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress in your daily life.

To get started on changing your garage from an unorganized dump zone into an efficient and organized space, here are some excellent garage organization guidelines for you to follow.


Set Aside Time

Rome was not built in a day, and the garage you have will not be organized in a single day. Based on the amount of mess you’re dealing with, It’s important to reserve enough time to be capable of organizing your garage systematically and thoroughly. It could take you a whole weekend, but you can consider making it an activity that builds your team as a family that could accelerate the process.


Clear Everything Out

An excellent starting point for cleaning your garage would be to get everything cleared to leave an open area. This will not only allow you to determine the amount of space available and also allows you to wash every corner and crevice in your garage–particularly the areas you rarely can access or view. Cleaning the garage’s areas will help prevent odors of must or mildew from developing. If you’re thinking of repainting the floors or walls inside your garage, this is the best time before moving your belongings back inside.


Sort Items

When you are ready to put your possessions back in the garage, take the time to separate your possessions into categories that can make it easier to understand the number of items you’re dealing with. One way to accomplish this is to make 3 piles: save, donate, and then throw away. Items you’re planning to donate or dispose of will not necessarily need to be considered in the cleaning up of your garage. This will reduce the number of things you have to store away.


Take Inventory/Make Groups

Once you’ve determined the objects you intend to store at your home, you could be one step further. Making an inventory of these things and placing them in similar groups can help you begin to separate zones of your garage to serve various uses. Planning the storage zones in your garage can let you envision what the final product could look like before you begin moving things to their appropriate areas. The grouping of similar items will make it easier to locate items in your garage, and labels can also be helpful. For example, sorting all of your wrenches together in a wrench organizer will save a lot of your time.


Utilize Wall Space

From hanging shelves to putting up cabinets or pegboards, maximizing your wall space and preserving the floor space are excellent methods to help make the garage appear less clutter-filled. Make use of the floor space in your garage to store your vehicle and store bikes. You can also store other large objects like snow blowers, tractors, and other toys. The hanging of your tools or the storage of smaller objects on shelves or cabinets will open your garage to many different storage options.