Ideally, your bedroom is intended to be a peaceful, clutter-free space where you can unwind from the commotion of our everyday lives and get some shuteye. Our bedrooms, on the other hand, are often used as a place to store things that the rest of our dwellings can’t accommodate.

Nevertheless, the quality of your sleep can be much improved if you make your bedroom a cheerful and soothing place by keeping it neat and clean. So, to help you sleep better, here are five suggestions for keeping your bedroom organized.


1.  Make Your Bed

A good habit is to make your bed, tidy the sheets, or change them when you wake up. You have two options: smooth out the sheet and replace the pillows, or switch up the sheets every now and then. It’s a good idea to have just-washed bedsheets to keep your room looking and smelling fresh and pleasant.

Your sheets and pillows can really start to smell once dead skin cells, sweat, and oil have penetrated them while you sleep. Asthma and hypersensitivities sufferers should wash their linens once a week at the most. It should be done every other week for everyone else. Also, if your bed is infested with bedbugs, consider investing in some high-quality bedbug powder.


2.  Organize Your Clothes

After a long day, it’s tempting to get home, put on your pajamas, and toss your clothes on the floor. Make an effort to avoid it! Fold and store it in your closet if you can’t hang it or fold it and store it.

Laziness and messiness will always be associated with laying out your clothes, and guests will not be impressed. When we take our clothes off, we should strive to store them straight away so that they aren’t lying around, making it a headache to pick them up.


3.  Declutter Surfaces

If you often use the tops of your furniture as a place to store your belongings, you’re more likely to accumulate them without cleaning them. To avoid cluttering up the tops of your nightstand, dresser, and drawers, be sure to arrange your belongings neatly.

Container boxes or drawers are a great option if you’ve got a lot of makeup, jewelry, and other accessories. Keep your furniture surfaces clutter-free by practicing self-discipline and putting things back where they belong after each usage.


4.  Use the Area under Your Bed

Assuming that your bed occupies a large portion of your bedroom, why not use it as an additional storage space? A complete dresser’s worth of stuff may be stored under a storage bed, making this a great alternative.

Thus, rather than just tossing things in, make an effort to neatly organize your belongings before storing them. If you have a storage bed, you can use mini storage boxes to divide up your belongings into distinct sections.


5.  Clean Regularly

Maintaining a clean bedroom is as simple as setting up 10 minutes a week to do chores like dusting, tidying, wiping the mirrors and other flat surfaces, and doing basic cleaning.  The time will fly fast, and you’ll be able to maintain your space looking and feeling spectacular as a result of it.

If you want a neat and orderly bedroom every day, you need to establish a pattern, take into account your spare time, and perform some cleaning every day, then rest with a calm mind.



Take the time to adopt these ideas, and you’ll be able to relax at the close of a hectic day. Don’t assume that you have to execute all five. Start small and incorporate one simple idea each week.

It may take a little time, but you’ll be making steady progress toward keeping your bedroom neat and clean as you go along.