We set expectations in our relationships, our careers, finances, and health. We think about putting on the boxing shoes and start practicing some moves after we return home from work. These are our expressions of innermost desires or what we would like to see in our lives. Sometimes we record them to make our goals more tangible and in order to remind ourselves of the need to continue striving toward our goals.

When it concerns health, there are a lot of health and fitness goals, like losing weight, regularly exercising and eating better, or making better choices about food. Losing weight can take months. Training regularly can take years, while eating better and making better choices about food are difficult to quantify.

However, when we don’t meet these goals, we may be discouraged and even give up. To stay focused, it is possible to break these goals down into smaller, more achievable steps – ones that are simpler to track and monitor weekly or monthly to track the progress we have made and feel inspired.

As an example, we can create a smaller goal in order to establish a healthy exercise routine, like drinking water instead of drinks with sweeteners at lunch.

Here are five healthy eating habits that can assist us in reaching our goals for food. For those with diabetes, These healthy habits can also help control our blood sugar.


#1 Choose Water

Make it a point to drink more water and avoid drinks sweetened with sugar. To make it more tangible, you should note how often you’ll be making this choice, e.g., five times per week.


#2 Eat Slowly and Mindfully

It takes around an hour for the brain to transmit signals that indicate that you’re hungry. Take your time eating slowly. Make sure to observe the food we are eating and the amount. To help you make this more quantifiable, note down the frequency; you’ll try to spend at least an hour completing your dinner.


#3 Stick to One Serving

For those addicted to having seconds eating just one portion will assist us in keeping our calorie intake under control. Make it a point to only eat one serving, and stick to portions that are standard sizes.


#4 Eat Fruit and Vegetables

It is good to ensure that you have at least half of your plate full of vegetables and fruits at each meal. They have a low natural trans and saturated fats content and are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Set an intention to stick to the My Healthy Plate for all meals.


#5 Swop to Wholegrains

Consuming whole grains such as brown rice, wholemeal bread, wholemeal bread, and rolled oatmeal can lower diabetes and heart disease. They also aid in weight control since they help you feel fuller for longer and decrease the desire to snack. Make it a point to ask for brown rice. Make it quantifiable, e.g., you should request brown rice at least three times a week, at lunchtime.

These five healthy eating habits require time to establish. Be patient. If we do slip up and are tempted to give up, we must persevere. However small they may be, changes can make a huge impact on our overall health.