Hiking trips are especially better when they’re shared with loved ones because of fall’s mild warmth and Instagram-worthy scenery. Get the family out of the house and into the great outdoors with a trek. You can make it as easy or as complex as you like for the kids, depending on their ages and interests.

A planned hike can provide your family with an excellent opportunity to get some fresh air and learn more about the natural world around them, whether you’re in town or on a vacation. For a successful family hiking trip, follow these 4 easy and practical tips.


1.   Gear Up

Everyone has to be well prepared for a hiking trip. Comfortable clothing and shoes are essential for a long day of work. Determine if you’ll need a waterproof jacket by checking the weather before you depart. Be on the lookout for any signs of rain throughout the day so that you may reschedule the trip for another day if necessary.

For each member, it’s a good idea to include an extra pair of socks. The extra weight will make you fatigued more quickly, so don’t overpack. If you plan on doing any birdwatching, don’t forget your rangefinder binoculars!


2.   Pack Proper Foods

You’ll want to carry as little as possible when hiking, but you’ll need to spend a great deal of energy. Thus, if you’re going for a long hiking trip, you should ensure enough calorie intake on the way. If you’re going on a hike with children, it’s even more critical that you eat healthily.

Because they are light and delicious, Backpackers Pantry foods can be a good alternative, but they can be expensive. You can save money by packing your own food, such as dried fruits and trail mix, which you can prepare at home. Like freeze-dried food, they’re easy to make at home and light as a feather.

You’ll also need a lot of water on you at all times. Long-distance hikers may consider a water bottle with a filter because water is so heavy.


3.   Make It Fun for Kids

Not every child enjoys hiking or has the same amount of energy. Encourage your children to participate in the hike by offering them fun activities or by promising them rewards like a favorite food or a sport they may partake in after the hiking trip.

You must be gentle with them and encourage them to try new experiences and be in touch with nature in all instances.  It allows them to take frequent rests and appreciate the scenery while also giving their feet a respite.

In nature, you can play games like spotting animals or discovering new flower varieties. The weather may allow you to take a refreshing dip in a lake you came across while hiking.


4.   Team Up

Go for a team effort instead of going it alone. Travel with a family of seasoned travelers that can guide you through your first adventure. To make the preparation process a little less stressful, consider going on the trip with another inexperienced family. In addition, there will be even more kids to play with for your kids.


Final Thoughts

Taking your first family hiking trip is an exciting step in the right direction. By venturing beyond the campground, you’re exposing your loved ones to a whole new world. A passion for the outdoors will emerge, as will the ability to deal with little setbacks that will train them to be more resilient in the face of adversity. Your family will cherish the experiences you make on the trail for a lifetime.